Projects » VDOT Caroline NB & SB Safety Rest Areas

Demolition of two rest area buildings and vending buildings and construction of two new safety rest area buildings and maintenance buildings. Work includes sitework, masonry, structural steel, roofing, finishes and electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. A LEED Certificate is required for each building.

Industry: VDOT Caroline North Bound Safety Rest Area & Welcome Center and VDOT Caroline South Bound Safety Rest Area & Information Center


VDOT Caroline NB & SB Safety Rest Areas

109 I-95 NB & SB
Caroline County, VA

Project Details
  • Size: 9,420 SF–NB & 9,420 SF-SB
  • Owner: VDOT
  • Architect: Austin Brockenbrough
  • Completed: April 17, 2017