“The depth of Loughridge & Company’s services is most evident when clients involve us in the early stages of a project where our experience and knowledge of construction can assist the Architect, Engineer and Owner in the initial planning process.”

Bill Loughridge

Metrics of Success


In every project we touch, we affect the lives of the folks that live, work or play in and around that project for years to come.  Our actions have lasting impacts, and we want nothing short of excellence on behalf of our customer and our Project Team.  At Loughridge & Company, we realize that quality starts Day 1 with the Project Team.   Our goal is to extract the best value in the labor and material markets by making informed decisions in preconstruction. We establish expectations and transition them to the construction phase.  It starts Day 1 and becomes a daily evolution for our entire Team – from Loughridge & Company senior management to the subcontractor mechanics on site.  Expectations are clear and communicated and multiple layers of quality control and reporting are in play and consistently under review.


Loughridge & Company has an unwavering commitment to a safe work place.  None of the Metrics of Success are possible without a safe work place for our employees, trades people, and visitors.  We are committed to maintaining our exemplary track record for safety and maintaining our better than industry standard EMR rating (Experience Modification Rate).  Our commitment starts with a regimented company safety policy and continues with regular continuing education to ensure our employees take a proactive approach to recognizing hazards on the jobsite.  Our Safety Officer regularly visits sites for inspections with our field employees.  Loughridge & Company is also committed to keeping our employees current and proficient in the latest first aid / cardiac response protocols.

Client Delight

Happy customers often lead to repeat customers in our business.  We are pleased that, at nearly any given time, over half of our projects in progress are with repeat customers.  Our relationships are built on trust and a quality product delivered at an immense value to the customer.  Our personalized expertise puts Owners, our friends, at ease.  And, we consistently deliver as evidenced by the our track record of repeat business.

Punctual Delivery

In today’s construction marketplace, the challenges for Owners are immense.  The last worry should be project delivery schedule.  Loughridge & Company utilizes the latest in scheduling technology and is able to extract shorter term look-ahead schedules for the benefit of the entire Project Team.  Whether helping an Owner plan for project financing or overcoming project challenges, our Team is capable of not only producing a schedule but executing fully on the schedule commitment.  Schedules are reviewed at least weekly by the entire project management team, including our senior management.

Financial Success

Financial success in the truest sense is shared between customer and contractor.  At Loughridge & Company, we feel that delivering on the other four metrics of success will lead to financial success for the Owner – our customer, and our Company.  Our mission is to leverage our excellent relationships in the market for goods and services and extract the best possible value for the Owner.  If we are able to pass this value to the Owner and execute according to our metrics, both parties walk away from a successful business transaction.   It’s this success that has consistently enabled the high volume of our repeat customers.