Preconstruction Services

At the heart of every successful project is an extreme effort to fully vet concepts and designs and translate them into a feasibility analysis for the discerning buyer, our customer.

This is truly a Team effort that brings out the best in a collaborative approach.  When project criteria such as budget are challenged, Loughridge is there as a Team member to pose innovative solutions and leverage relationships in the market.  Our in depth tracking of market trends and real historical costs provide a foundation to make informed decisions.  As our founder, Bill Loughridge has often stated, “the depth of Loughridge & Company’s services is most evident when clients involve us in the early stages of a project where our experience and knowledge of construction can assist the Architect, Engineer and Owner in the initial planning process.”  Our customers are fond of our ability to deeply involve project management in the preconstruction phase, enabling a smooth transition to construction.  The value to our customer is immense and specifically apparent in the following:

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Budget preparation and adherence
  • Building Modeling / Visualization
  • Structured bid packages to maximize participation in the market and ensure managed cost control
  • Rapid navigation of local jurisdiction application and permitting processes
  • Early procurement, if necessary
  • Complete site study including cut/fill analysis
  • Input on all aspects of the civil engineering design